Love is My Religion


I'm Evie

Let your struggle be your path to come home to your Sacred Heart.

I am an evolving soul. As are you, my friend!

I know this is going to sound counterintuitive to some who read this, but here goes...

Challenge and struggle are a NECESSARY part of our personal _____.

Yup. Fill in the blank:

... Growth

... Evolution

... Understanding

... Insight

... Deepening

... Experience of Life

For most of us, challenge and struggle are not simply uncomfortable, they signal DANGER.

Think of our ancestors on the savannah. Only, we are no longer in the savannah... and our biology and neurology has yet to catch up with our evolving "big brain."

Life has this funny way of nudging us out of our cozy little nests. It's like the universe saying, "Hey sis, time to spread those wings and fly!" And yeah, I get it, sometimes that push feels more like a shove, especially when we're knee-deep in struggles or facing challenges that seem insurmountable.

But guess what? That's where the magic happens!

The magic happens beyond the boundary of what we know. It is the gift that asks of us to stretch - to lean into the discomfort and allow the pain and the struggle and the suffering to bless us with a deeper understanding that life itself is flowing through us now.

Your Life is the Gift

Your Struggle, The Blessing

Every moment we recognize our humanity is a moment of witness, like a beautiful flower pushing through the cracks in the pavement. And hey, I'm here to be your gardening buddy, helping you tend to those blossoms of insight and resilience.

So, when life throws those curveballs your way, remember this: you've got a sister in me who's ready to walk alongside you, hand in hand, through the valleys and peaks of this wild journey.

Because guess what? Everything you need to thrive is already within you – the wisdom, the answers, the whole shebang.

No more listening to that inner drill sergeant barking orders. It's time to switch gears, to tune in to the whispers of your soul, to gather tools of kindness and compassion.

So here's to you, my dear sister, and to the incredible adventure that lies ahead. Let's embrace the discomfort, the challenges, and the messy moments, knowing that each one is just another opportunity for us to shine a little brighter.

If You're Stuck in the Quagmire, I Can Help

Don't let circumstances dictate your worth.

Get Yourself RIGHT, and you will see with new eyes and discover a world within filled with coffers of wisdom, hidden treasures of insight and strength.

Your worth isn't defined by the circumstances swirling around you!

It's time to reclaim your power, to rise above the muck and mire.

Transformation is messy and beautiful, and I've got you...

Emotional Intelligence

Navigate Life with Heart and Smarts

Here's the thing about this journey: it's not just about navigating external challenges.

It's also about diving deep into the waters of emotional intelligence, understanding the ebbs and flows of our own emotions and those of others. Because, just like our fingerprints, each of our paths in life is uniquely ours. What works for one person may not work for another, and that's where emotional intelligence comes in.

By honing our emotional intelligence, we gain the tools to navigate the twists and turns of our individual journeys with grace and resilience.

We learn to embrace the beauty of our differences, to celebrate the diverse tapestry of human experience. And most importantly, we cultivate the empathy and understanding needed to support each other along the way.

When we're intimately acquainted with our losses, our struggles, and the shadowy depths we've traversed, that's when we can authentically savor our victories, our triumphs, and bask in our own divine light. It's like we're mining for gold in the dark caverns of our experiences – the deeper we delve into the darkness, the more radiant and precious our light becomes. So let's honor every step of this journey, knowing that it's the contrast of shadows and light that makes our story uniquely beautiful.

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Quotes to Live By:

We are not human bings havinga spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experiences.

-Teillard de Chardin

Yes!! That resonates and explains EVERYTHING! I'm not weird, or the black sheep, or even an alien. I am part and parcel of this world what imbued with sensience to understand the power from which I was born.

This above all: To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not be false to any man.

-William Shakspeare

Everyone is already taken. I can only be the best ME I can be. No one in all of history or all of time to come will ever exist as the unique soul I am right here, right now. And we must STOP getting permission to be who we are!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

-Marianne Williamson

If you are frozen, you're not alone. Together, let's unravel what's blocking you from embracing the life you desire and truly deserve. We can only live (and love) only as deeply as our awareness allows.

Some fun facts about me...

I came close to death at least 2 times in my life

I love it when people ask me why I love sci-fi and documentaries

Knitting, crochet, puzzles, cooking, painting, dancing, singing, board games, gardening, cherades, pictionary ...count me in!

I got lost when I was 6 years old in downtown Los Angeles and I found my way home after getting on and off the bus by myself.

(Who does that?)

I am Chinese American, born in Vietnam, descendant of the Hakkanese people of Canton. China. From where does your ancestral lineage originate?

I was born during the war in Vietnam and was a refugee when I emigrated to America. I was 5 years.


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